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Off-white wrap blouse in 100% organic cotton.
Mana loa comfortable shirt and pants in natural-coloured Belgian linen.
Mana shirt | linen | natural Sale price€120,00
Comfortable light blue linen shirt and pants.
Mana shirt | linen | sky blue Sale price€120,00
Offwhite cotton shirt and natural linen pants.
Comfortable mustard yellow Belgian linen shirt and shorts.
Comfortable mustard yellow Belgian linen shirt and shorts.
Mana shirt | linen | mustard Sale price€120,00
Woman in white oversized mana loa blouse made of 100% organic cotton.
Mustard yellow blouse with short sleeves made of 100% Belgian linen.
Eva blouse | linen | mustard Sale price€100,00
Linen shorts and oversized blouse with short sleeves and V-neck from 100% dark green belgian linen.
Comfortable light blue linen top and pants.
Eva blouse | linen | sky blue Sale price€100,00
Comfortable natural Belgian linen top and shorts.
Eva blouse | linen | natural Sale price€100,00

Simple, soft and natural blouses

Simple, comfortable blouses and shirts, made from 100% natural materials.
Discover our light and airy blouses and shirts made from 100% Belgian linen or 100% organically grown cotton.