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Softness as a strength

Your skin is your largest organ - your connection to the world around you. Have you ever thought about the way clothing affects your body? The energy and materials in them, and how they impact you? That's why I founded Mana loa. Natural feelgood wear, honest clothes made from 100% natural materials, which feel good and are comfortable. A natural softness that empowers you.

The power from within

Mana loa is a term found in ancient Hawaiian philosophy of life. Mana loa stands for life force, strength from within and embodies all of the beauty and purity in the world. A name that was not chosen by coincidence. A name not chosen by coincidence.

Lyne, founder of mana loa, looking happy in her soft mana loa outfit.

With Mana loa I create timeless and comfortable garments. Respect for people and nature is key. Thanks to this open and honest communication, about the materials and production process, you can make a conscious choice.

Do what you love

I have a passion for creating beauty, for creating from love and authenticity. At the age of 10, I made my first skirt and top, simply from a piece of fabric with a few buttons. A few years later I bought my first sewing machine and I haven't stopped creating since. Feeling fabrics and making things with my hands makes me happy. After studying productdesign and fashion technology (Kortrijk (BE), Milano (IT), Ghent BE), Mana loa was born.

Thanks for being here and making mana loa possible,