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Organic cotton

Organic cotton vs conventional cotton.

Organic cotton is gaining popularity in the sustainable fashion industry. Concerns regarding the ecological and social impact of the textile industry are growing. Therefore, many people are choosing organic cotton as an alternative to conventional cotton.

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Sitting woman wearing comfortable light blue linen trousers and blouse by mana loa.

Sustainable clothing and you: love at first sight?

A new piece of clothing is like a new love. You see it shining in the corner of your eye, your heart rate soars and you feel an irresistible attraction. The butterflies in your stomach confirm the feeling: this is it! But... do you sometimes wonder in what conditions those sky-blue pants were made?

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slowing down, how to do it? Discover 5 tips!

Schedule a #manaloamoment. A moment of taking a deep breath and putting your worries aside. In this article, we share our 5 slowing down tips to allow you to take a break for yourself. Bye bye stress, hello me-time!

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Mana loa and there's love in this!

Between holistic coaching and sustainable clothing lies a world of difference. Or not, if pure love is your common denominator. Coach Lore from believes that "loving" starts with yourself. With, she creates a safe place where you can come home in peace.

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