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Mana loa helps you make honest choices

Every piece of clothing is made with love, with respect for people and nature. By moving away from collections or trends and focusing on timeless pieces, you make a sustainable decision with every Mana loa garment. I would like to take you along in my fair process of conscious choices.

Mana loa cares

Mana loa creates natural feel-good wear which makes you feel good. My goal is to minimize the impact on the environment. Sustainability is a process. I find it important to question myself and make conscious choices over and over again.

Mana loa uses natural materials

Your skin is your largest organ - your connection to the world around you. Have you ever thought about how clothing affects your body? The materials used in it, and how these impact you? This is why with Mana loa , I choose 100% natural materials. In addition, I work as little as possible with blends, to facilitate the recycling process. Discover some of the (raw) materials used:

Organic cotton

Organic cotton is grown with respect for people and nature, without GMO or harmful chemicals. In addition, no pesticides are used and it requires less water consumption than conventional cotton.


Linen is a type of textile made from flax. I use 100% Belgian linen. Flax is naturally one of the more sustainable raw materials. All parts of the flax plant are used to make linen and the linen fabric is also biodegradable after use.


The rubber bands used consist of natural rubber and organically grown cotton. Natural rubber is a more sustainable alternative to synthetic rubber. The production of 1 kg of natural rubber requires 90% less energy than the production of synthetic rubber. Moreover, natural rubber is a natural and renewable raw material, in contrast to the fossil fuel from which synthetic rubbers are made.

Detail of an ecru cotton dress with belt and mana loa label.

Mana loa makes shipping fairer

The focus on sustainability is also reflected in the shipping of the garments. The packaging does not consist of plastic, instead I use a material that is recyclable with paper and cardboard. The hangtags are made from recycled paper and the stickers from paper instead of foil.

Mana loa strives for local and honest production

In addition to material choice, fair working conditions are very important to achieve a sustainable product. I love to design and develop the first prototypes myself, after that the production takes place in local factories within Europe. Smaller series are produced completely by me.

Do you recognise yourself in these values and are you interested in offering Mana loa? 
Or if you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact me