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FEB, 2024

Mana loa and ... there's love in this!

Between holistic coaching and sustainable clothing lies a world of difference. Or not, if pure love is your common denominator. Coach Lore from believes that "loving" starts with yourself. With, she creates a safe place where you can come home in peace. When Lore was looking for someone who could design sweaters with inspiring quotes, she ended up working with Mana loa. Because who says love, says Mana loa. How this collaboration came about? You can read it in this blog post!

What is a holistic coach?

[Lore] Holism literally means "the whole is more than the sum of its parts. Everything is connected and affects each other. In my holistic view, I believe that our mental, emotional, physical, energetic and spiritual states of being are inextricably linked. So as a holistic coach, I believe it is important to dig deeper and not just tinker on the surface in order to be loving, healthy and happy in life.

How did you get to know each other?

[Lore] Lyne and I were in 5th and 6th grade at the same school. I knew Lyne then mostly from seeing. I always thought she had a very sweet vibe around her. Later, Lyne came to me for personal training. Over the years, we have grown closer because our views on life are very similar. It often feels like we understand each other without having to use many words.

[Lyne] Indeed, I knew Lore from school. A few years later I was looking for someone who could make sports fun again and I started training with Lore. Exercising outside to good music, with Lore's energy, gives a real boost not only physically, but also mentally.

What struggles do people knock on your door with?

[Lore] It varies and that's what makes it so interesting. I learn all the time and I love it. At the base are often the same beliefs. But the manifestations on a mental, physical and energetic level are different from person to person. Usually they are people who are very strict with themselves, who unconsciously want to prove their worth or think they have to prove their worth. Together we look where those unconscious beliefs come from. Everyone has their own story, which I find so incredibly fascinating.

What makes Mana loa the perfect match for you?

[Lore] Mana loa means "the power from within. With, I want to work with people to rediscover the love within so they can make healthier and more conscious choices. Really, finding that inner strength again. Moreover, I find it super fun to be able to work with someone with whom things really click. I had been walking around with the idea for a long time. But the idea is one thing. I was often searching on "wholesale" websites, but that just didn't feel right to me. That's why the idea was buried again and again. When I had shared the idea on instagram for the umpteenth time, Lyne contacted me - something I was perhaps secretly hoping for. Lyne has the knowledge and creativity. I do feel very grateful for this wonderful collaboration.

What has this collaboration brought you?

[Lore] I think we both got some benefits from this collaboration. Sometimes it does feel a like you're always on your own and this is something we look forward to together. It has really given me a boost.

[Lyne] I really liked this collaboration! Entrepreneurship can indeed sometimes feel a bit lonely and then I really looked forward to our meetings. Besides coaching, Lore is also very good with words and making images. She chose the most beautiful texts for our sweaters. She also photographed a mana loa collection and before and I loved it. She has a gift to convey a feeling through photos.

What kind of materials were used?

[Lyne] The sweaters are made of 100% organically grown cotton. This feels good on your skin and is better for the environment than conventionally grown cotton. For example, rainwater is used as much as possible and no pesticides are being used. Both the sweaters and the fabric were made in a family business in Portugal. This way we keep everything local.

Which quotes did you choose? And WHERE DID YOU GET YOUR INSPIRATION?

[Lore] They are inspirational quotes. With the intention that when you wear the sweater, you feel more powerful and you inspire the people around you. When reading the quotes, it immediately creates a shift in energy, I find personally. I love quotes. I used to have a little book as a kid where I wrote down quotes that fitted who I was at the time and what I was doing back then. That was really a kind of therapy for me. I have collected thousands of them over the years. I find it inspiring and it energizes me. I pulled out some inspirational quotes that stood out for me over the last year. And together we selected three.

Be the energy you want to attract.

As we shift internally, the external world will respond.

The secret of your future, is hidden in your daily routine.

What message do you want to convey withthese sweaters?

[Lore] A shift in energy. Both in the person wearing the sweater and in the people around him/her. I really think the hoodies will make people go through the day more consciously, when you choose the sweater, you are already reading a powerful quote.

[Lyne] It is indeed very much about the feeling. Putting on the sweater and reading this creates a little reminder for yourself and for the people around you.

What do you wish the reader of this article?

[Lore] I wish you (even) more softness and love. And a super cool hoodie - of course!
[Lyne] I was going to say the same thing, lots of softness and love.